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Transmission Repair Services College Station Texas

At Transmission Repair of Houston, we have multiple transmission service and repair shops in the College Station TX area. Our transmission specialists have the knowledge and expertise to handle your transmission repair for any make model automobile. We service foreign and domestic vehicles regardless of whether you have a standard or an automatic transmission. College Station Transmission Repair is no small undertaking and should only be completed by trusted a transmission repair shop in College Station. When it comes to spending your hard earned money, you want your repair completed within 2-3 business days so you can get back on the road again.

Transmission Rebuild and Replacement Services College Station Texas

When searching for a transmission replacement in College Station, keep in mind that not all transmission repairs require a complete replacement. The best way to determine if your vehicle needs a repair, rebuild or replacement is to have your vehicle diagnosed by a qualified Transmission repair company. At Transmission Repair of Houston, we not only check your transmission, we also perform a detailed diagnostic scan on your entire vehicle. Rebuilding your existing transmission by replacing the defective parts is most often less expensive than replacing the entire transmission. The transmission repair costs can vary, contact our transmission repair shop today.

College Station Transmission Preventative Maintenance and Fluid Change Service

Looking for fluid and filter change in the College Station area? We offer comprehensive transmission preventative maintenance and fluid change services in the College Station area. In addition to changing filter and fluids, we also check lift suspension and complete the service with an actual road test. Changing your fluid is a very important element to assure your vehicle is properly maintained.

College Station Clutch Service and Repair

If you are having issues with your clutch, proper diagnosis is essential to assure you do not end up replacing the entire transmission when all you really need is clutch components.

Automatic and Standard Transmission Repair Service College Station

Whether you have a car, truck or fleet vehicle with a standard or automatic transmission, our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to properly diagnose and correct the issues that are occurring with your vehicle. Automatic transmissions are quite different than standard transmissions and it is essential to assure the transmission service specialists have the stat of the art facilities and experience necessary to get the job done right the first time.

Differential/Transfer Case Service and Repair in College Station

Need service or repair for your transfer case or final drive (differential) unit? How do you know for sure? Our highest recommendation is to first assure that you receive proper diagnosis from a qualified transmission repair expert. We perform comprehensive diagnostic services and state of the art facilities.

Other Transmission Repair Services in College Station TX Area

  • • Transmission Fluid Flush – The fluid in your transmission breaks down approximately every 30,000 miles. When fluid breaks down, it leads to deposits and build up that can have an impact on your transmission. It is important to understand that have an impact on the internal components of your transmission. To increase the life and overall performance of your transmission, it is highly recommended to perform a transmission flush on a regular basis to assure your transmission stays clean of harmful debris that can cause issues.
  • • U-Joint and Constant Velocity (CV) Joint Service - Yet another service that the team at Transmission Repair of Houston performs. From time to time, U-Joints fail and need to be replaced.
  • At Transmission Repair of Houston, we perform transmission repair and replacement services for all major makes and models in the College Station TX area.

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